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Newsjacking has been described as the single most interesting and cost effective form of Inbound Marketing that exists today. In this episode, we discuss what it is and share tips from the legendary David Meerman Scott who shared with us on how to do it like a Pro.

Also, we discuss Google AdWords new expanded ads, the biggest update in years that is now affecting the way you market on AdWords.

Buzz 1 – Featured Buzz: What is Newsjacking & How to Do it Properly?

I caught up with the David Meerman Scott last week at a HubSpot breakfast. Big thanks to HubSpot and Jeremy Singh for the invite!

David Meerman Scott interview with Moby Siddique

I felt like a fan boy!

David actually pioneered the term Newsjacking which is essentially the art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story.

What David has found, is as a news story breaks, it always follows the a bell shaped curve, every single time. And he calls this bell shaped curve the “life of a news story”:

newsjacking life of a news story model

How Oreo ‘won the Superbowl’ using Newsjacking

how oreo won the superbowl via newsjacking

Be careful! Newjacking can severely damage your brand if not done correctly. Here is a prime example by Woolworths taking advantage of ANZAC day to associate with their own attributes of the ‘Fresh Food People’:

woolworths savages ANZAC day with a social media post

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Buzz 2 – Featured Resource: How Well Do You Know Facebook Ads?

Fantastic quiz by Jon Loomer for gauging how well you know Facebook Ads via a free 30 question quiz.

My score was 21/30, love how it refers me to a skill suitable webinar. Great example of Buyer Journey content marketing!

facebook ads quiz moby siddique results

Only gripe and request is I wish quiz shared what I got wrong so I know where to improve!

Buzz 3 – Google AdWords New Expanded Ads

New Google AdWords ads with 47% more text have begun rolling out. Here’s what they look like before and after of what the ads look like on desktop and mobile:

Google AdWords Expanded Ads

Link to Wordstream’s 7 Best Practices for Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

Buzz 4 – Thanks to Marcus Sheridan for the value to the Inbound Marketing Community

Shout-out to the one and only Marcus Sheridan. Give him a big-ups as he deals through one of his latest challenges he will no doubt beat, Cramping Fasciculation Syndrome.

Check out Marcus’s inspiration episode on how he is dealing with it here.

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